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Chapter 2 M In this chapter, we will dis understand why the Sun, t Motion of Stars Everyone knows that the known is that almost ever the stars, also rises from of objects on the sky and i those stars near the north One of the circumpolar s north celestial pole. Thus, The position of Polaris rela For example, for people in due north. Similarly, some stars neve stars near the south c people on the southern never see Polaris. Poor so no bright star near the sou Here are three simulatio seen in the northern he one is pointing to the Polaris does move a little stars at south and the east Motions of Heavenly B iscuss the apparent motion of the heavenly b , the Moon and the planets "move", but stars e Sun rises from the east and sets in the w rything on the sky, including the Moon, plane the east and sets in the west. This is the ma it is due to the rotation of the Earth. We could imagine that the center of a large the celestial sphere ; stars, etc. are located Because the Earth is ro west to the east, eve celestial sphere will ap from the east to the w the Sun rises from the e From the picture, we th celestial pole never set. We call them circ stars, called Polaris , is special because it is , it appears to be stationary. lative to the ground depends on the latitude in Hong Kong, Polaris will be about 22.4° abo er rise. People in the northern hemisphere celestial pole, and rn hemisphere can outherners, there is uth celestial pole. ons of what can be emisphere. The first north. (Note that e bit.) The second and the third show the m st respectively. Bodies bodies. We will s do not. west. Less well ets and most of ajor movement t the Earth is at sphere, called ; and the Sun, on the sphere. otating from the
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phys0001_chapter02 - Chapter Chapter 2 Motions of Heavenly...

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