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Unformatted text preview: CMSC 143: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Robots Lab 1: Personal Robots Due September 6, 2010 This lab introduces you to your robot, IDLE (the Python programming environment), and the wiki 1 . Learning Objectives ◦ Become familiar with the IPRE robot kit. ◦ Learn how to issue robot commands. ◦ Learn how to start IDLE and save programs. ◦ Learn how navigate the myro wiki. Lab Report Submit an electronic copy (PDF) on moodle of your lab report named cmsc143 lab1 LASTNAME.pdf Getting to Know Your Robot 1. What COM port did you use to connect to your robot (keep in mind this will change often)? 2. What is the name of your robot? 3. What is your robot’s battery voltage? Driving Your Robot There a variety of ways to get your robot to move. The functions we will use most often are forward() , backward() , turnLeft() , and turnRight() . All these functions take a power value from -1 to 1, as well as an optional time parameter. If you don’t use a time parameter the robot will go forward, backward, or turn,an optional time parameter....
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