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CMSC 143: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Robots Assignment 3: Scribbler Status Due October 15, 2010 The third assignment asks you to create a live visualization of your scribbler. Your program should continually convey the status of your scribbler using the graphics objects recently introduced in class. At a minimum, you should visualize the following aspects of your robot: Name Battery Three light sensors Two infrared sensors Be creative about how you visualize the robot’s status, consider using various shapes, sizes, colors, or text to convey the information. Here is an example that uses color to indicate the level of the light sensors
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Unformatted text preview: (varying between black and white), red and green to convey the value of the infrared obstacle detectors, a center circle which visualizes the battery value (its size is proportional to the battery level) and text to indicate the robots name and state of the stall sensor. Learning Objectives Use graphics objects Visualize data Deliverable Submit an electronic copy of your program via moodle. Please include a a discussion about your design in a comment at the top of the le. It should be named: cmsc143 scribbler status . CMSC 143 (Fall 2010): Scribbler Status Assignment 1 of 1...
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