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CMSC 143: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Robots Assignment 2: Team Performance Due (by class) September 27, 2010 The second assignment builds upon the sign and dance assignment. You are asked to form small teams (3 members) to perform some skit, parody, or dance routine using the robots. We’ll have an open demonstration on September 27 during the class period where we’ll invite the broader Bard community. The project’s guidelines are: 1. All team member’s robots must be involved. Involvement may include moving or backup activities such as narration or vocals ( speak() , beeps() ) or manipulation of the set. 2. The robots should be (reasonably) synchronized. There are a few ways to synchronize your robots: (a) Have the first line of your program ask for user input: raw input(’Hit Enter on all computers at the same time when you are ready to go!’) (b) Use the currentTime() method to assure all robots are on schedule. (c) Control all the robots from the same Python program by treating the robots as objects.
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team-performance - CMSC 143: Introduction to...

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