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math319_S10_proj_comments - Audience Engagement Did the...

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Probability and Statistics – Math319, Spring 2010 Project Presentation – Comment Sheet March 16 & 18, 2010 Content: Was the presentation informative? Did it provide insight into the subject matter? Was it especially creative or well written? 4 (Excellent) 3 2 1 (Needs work) Clarity and Organization: Was the presentation well organized? Was it presented clearly? Were the ideas explained well? If there were supporting materials or examples, were they relevant, clear, useful? 4 (Excellent) 3 2 1 (Needs work) Audience Engagement:
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Unformatted text preview: Audience Engagement: Did the presentation get and keep your attention? Were the speakers clear, condent, enthusiastic? Did the speakers use the slides to support what they were saying or illustrate a point rather than reading from the slides? 4 (Excellent) 3 2 1 (Needs work) Delivery: Were transitions from topic to topic and speaker to speaker done well? Did the presentation meet the time specications? 4 (Excellent) 3 2 1 (Needs work) Other Comments Questions 1. 2....
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