math319_S10_Worksheet3 - three are numbers. How many...

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Probability and Statistics – Math319, Spring 2010 Worksheet 3 February 9, 2010 The Generalized Basic Principle of Counting If r experiments that are to be performed are such that the first one may result in any of n 1 possible outcomes; and if, for any of these n 1 possible outcomes, there are n 2 possible outcomes of the second experiment; and if, for each of the possible outcomes of the first two experiments, there are n 3 possible outcomes of the third experiment; and if ... , then there is a total of n 1 n 2 ... n r possible outcomes of the r experiments. 1. A certain state uses five symbols for car license plates, where the first two symbols are letters and the last
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Unformatted text preview: three are numbers. How many license plates can be made if (i) all letters and numbers may be used? (ii) no two letters can be the same? Permutations and Combinations 1. A child has seven blocks of which three are red, two are blue, one is green, and one is white. If the child puts the blocks in a line, how many arrangements are possible? 2. How many ways can a team consisting of ve players be chosen from nine players if, when a certain player A is chosen, then player B must also be chosen?...
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math319_S10_Worksheet3 - three are numbers. How many...

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