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Unformatted text preview: University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy PHCY 6100 Teixeira SYRUPS Def. Aqueous, sweetened, flavored, thick solutions. Types: a. Non-medicated or flavored syrups: b. Syrup, NF (simple syrup: c. Sucrose-based: d. Commercial: Ora-Sweet® and Ora-Sweet SF® (sugar free); acidic pH and alcoholfree. 2. Medicated: antiemetics, antihistamines, antitussives, antivirals, etc (see table 13.7) Components 1. Drug(s): 2. Solvents(s): 3. Pharmaceutic Ingredients a. _______________________________ b. _______________________________ c. _______________________________ d. _______________________________ e. Other Preparation of Syrups - Techniques 1. With aid of heat: careful management of temperature a. Sucrose syrups: invert sugars b. Artificial sweeteners: some destroyed by heat 2. Agitation 3. Heat and agitation 4. Addition of sucrose to a medicated and/or flavored liquid 5. Percolation: per= through; colare=to strain (preparation of coffee); extracts of crude drugs in comminuted form. Ex: Ipecac syrup (emetic) 6. Maceration: macerare = to soak (tea bag or bulk tea) ELIXIRS Def. Clear, sweetened, flavored, hydroalcoholic solutions for oral use. 1 University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy PHCY 6100 Teixeira Types 1. Non-medicated: vehicle 2. Medicated: therapeutic effect (table 13.8, p. 363) Components 1. Drug(s): 2. Solvents a. __________________________ b. __________________________ i. 0.5%: children under 6yr. old ii. 5%: 6-12 yr. old iii. 10-15%: adult c. Adjunct solvents: 3. Other pharmaceutic ingredients a. Sweeteners b. Flavorants c. Colorants d. Preservatives e. Stabilizers, etc Preparation of Elixirs – Techniques 1. Simple solution with agitation 2. Mixture of alcoholic solution with aqueous solution: aqueous added to alcoholic; filtration (talc) if separation of flavoring oils. Storage: tight, light-resistant containers, protected from heat 2 ...
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