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Integrative Physiology ZOO4125/5125 Fall 2010 CNS and Afferent Pathways – Study Guide and Objectives List Overall Aim: to describe the structure and function of the CNS, and to describe how it is protected. 1. List the 4 main functions of the Nervous System. 2. Define afferent, efferent pathways, and reflex pathways. 3. List the function of the individual cranial nerves and state whether they are sensory, motor or mixed. 4. List the 4 main regions of the spinal cord. 5. Explain the functional significance of the dorsal and ventral parts of the spinal cord (ie. which part is for sensory/efferent information) 6. Define ascending and descending tracts. 7. List and describe (hard, soft, etc) the 3 layers of meninges. 8. Describe the components and function of the Ventricular System. 9. Describe the blood-brain barrier. 10. List the 6 major divisions of the brain. 11.List the components of the midbrain and state their functions. 12. List the functions of the pons.
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