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Recall Assessment 4125 2010answers

Recall Assessment 4125 2010answers - Retention of Knowledge...

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Retention of Knowledge Quiz Integrative Physiology Zoo 4125/5125 NAME: MAJOR: PAST PHYSIOLOGY TAKEN AT (Name of Institution): PAST COURSE TAKEN WHEN (Year): 1. Name the organelle responsible for the production of ATP. Mitochondria 2. How do steroids get into a cell? Passive Diffusion 3. If you increased the concentration gradient of a lipophobic substance on two sides of a cell membrane, what would happen to the rate of diffusion of the substance? Unless there were carrier proteins or specific channels available, a lipophobic substances would not be able to pass through the membrane no matter what the concentration gradient wa s 4. A neuron is at Resting Membrane Potential. Chloride ions enter the cell; what is the term for the new internal state of the cell? Hyperpolarized 5. Name one way in which the release of neurotransmitter from an axon terminal could be blocked (I want you to think about the axon terminal, not the rest of the neuron).
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