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ZOO 4125 Integrative Physiology Fall 2010 Study Guide for Special Senses: Vision, Hearing, Vestibular System 1. Define the components of the eye 2. Describe the 3 layers of the retina 3. Define the ratio of rods to cones in the retina 4. Describe the components of a photoreceptor 5.Describe the mechanism of tonic release of neurotransmitter in: a)the dark b) the light 6. Describe the neural processing that occurs between the photoreceptor and the bipolar cell 7. List the function of amacrine and horizontal cells. 8. Describe the visual neural pathway (from visual field to visual cortex). Be able to determine visual field acuity given certain lesions in the optic nerves OR, if given the visual field parameters, be able to locate the optic nerve lesion. 9. Define the following terms: hearing, sound, sound intensity
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Unformatted text preview: 10. List the structures of the ear (see diagram) 11. Describe the transmission of sound through the components of the ear (see diagram) 12. Describe the process by which hair cells (stereocilia) in the cochlear duct produce APs in the sensory neurons b. Describe the neural pathways that take the auditory signals from the cochlear nerve to the auditory cortex c. Describe the coding for pitch in the basilar membrane. 13. List the components and function of the vestibular system 14. Describe how rotation of the head is detected and transduced (see diagrams) 15. Describe how the utricle and saccule provide information about linear movement. 16. Describe the projection pathways originating from the vestibular afferents....
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