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Study tips for Human Systems Physiology 3115. The important thing is to study Physiology in bite-sized pieces. I recommend studying 45 minutes every day , and/or 5 points per night from the study guide. It depends on the complexity of the task. Here are my tips: 1. Before studying ALWAYS read through the lecture notes. 2. Then read only the relevant pages in your textbook that cover the points on the objectives list. It is not a good idea to try to read the entire chapter in one sitting. 3. Then, see if you can answer the study guide points, without looking at the notes/book . It won’t help you to simply copy out the answer. 4. When you have written down your answer or explanation, check it against the one in your lecture notes/book. If you were completely correct, go on to the next point. 5. If you were wrong, go back to the notes/book, and read it again. Keep doing this until you can answer the points. This technique will differentiate between understanding what you are learning, and being able to give it back to me, in an exam. 6. Within each section, answer the relevant “thought questions” in your textbook. (If the question
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