PHCY 6185 - T Woods Fall 10

Lifestyleadjustments hyperlipidemiamanagement

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Unformatted text preview: nt­focused practice vs. product­oriented service – Can demonstrate their value as integral part of healthcare team Collaborative Practice Agreements: Drug Therapy Management & Prescriptive Authority • • • • • • Diabetes Hypertension Dyslipidemia Asthma COPD Anticoagulation • • • • Tobacco Cessation Osteoporosis Hormone Replacement Multiple Medication Management & Therapeutic Substitutions Laramie Valley Medical Laramie Valley Medical Diabetes Management Diabetes • Blood Glucose Monitoring • Medication management/ Insulin Adjustment • Nutrition Counseling • Foot Exams • Cholestech GDX® – HbA1c within 7 minutes Anticoagulation Management Anticoagulation • INRatio®­PT/INR value available within 2 minutes • Begin/adjust Coumadin/ Warfarin/ Lovenox therapy • Extensive education – Vitamin K foods – Lifestyle adjustments Hyperlipidemia Management Hyperlipidemia • Cholestech LDX® – complete lipid panel within 5­6 minutes, ALT also available • Start/adjust/ discontinue therapy when necessary • Monitor LFT if necessary Osteoporosis Screening Osteoporosis • Achilles...
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