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Phcy 6185 t woods fall 10

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Unformatted text preview: The Role of the Pharmacist: The Role of the Pharmacist: Pharmaceutical Care Tonja M. Woods, Pharm. D. PHCY 6185 Fall 2010 …History of Pharmacy • Preparing/Compounding Medications • Dispensing Medications • Counseling Patients • Providing Cognitive Services/Laboratory Monitoring/Immunizations Clinical Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy • Became more patient­oriented during 1960s • “drug experts” or “spets” • Pharm.D. and Residencies • 1980s: difficulty in interpretation Hepler and Strand Hepler and Strand • Suggested that the higher good for pharmacy… – Prevent drug­related morbidity & drug­related mortality • Needed to be an appropriate philosophy of practice and organizational structure within which to practice Pharmaceutical Care Pharmaceutical...
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