SOP PHYC 6185 Class Survey Examples

SOP PHYC 6185 Class Survey Examples -...

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PHYC 6185 – Seminar: Role of the Pharmacist in Health Care Dean Vandel  Examples from student surveys in previous classes. Class Survey 1. What do you expect of your instructor? I expect you to be prepared, start on time (not early, please), end on time (not late, please), and to present material relevant to the class. Clearly introduce the role of the pharmacist in Healthcare system and how the role of the pharmacist directly affects the patient’s health as well as the expectations of patients to pharmacists. To present useful material in a clear manner and to answer reasonable questions. Well organized lectures that prepare for the tests and facilitate learning. To project volume or use a microphone. To see all aspects available to me as a pharmacist. For my instructor to be well educated on the subject being presented and to have the ability to communicate this. I expect him to provide useful information about career options. To provide useful knowledge and advice about what it means to be a Pharmacist. To be able to lecture well. To provide all information in a way that expands and clearly illustrates concepts found in the texts. To spare time for questions during and after classes. To provide direction to outside resources that student may need to understand the material from class. To be fair and to teach us what we need to know in regards to this class. To be respectful and to help
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SOP PHYC 6185 Class Survey Examples -...

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