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As said in lecture yesterday, I left off some essential elements in the example I gave on the board and thus I would post a worked example for lipolysis of triglycerides. Example 1: A triglyceride, composed of fatty acid tails that are each 16 Carbons long (this was the example I put on the board). Lipases split the glycerol backbone from the fatty acids. Glycerol backbone – converted to glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate. Processed by glycolysis pathway and products are NADH, 2ATP and pyruvate. Pyruvate converted at linking step to Acetyl-Co-A and NADH. Acetyl-Co-A enters Krebs cycle - 1ATP, 3NADH and 1FADH produced. For every NADH, 3 ATP are generated and for every FADH, 2 ATP are generated in electron transport chain. So….5NADH + 1FADH generates 17ATP plus the 3 that are already generated = 20ATP from glycerol.
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