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Below are terms you need to know this week. Domain: The law (IDEA) recognizes five developmental domains: adaptive, cognitive, communication, physical and social or emotional. Each domain focuses on the ability of the child to perform certain actions or display a behavior. Developmental Milestone: A behavior or action that is expected to occur at a certain age. This is determined by gathering data about large numbers of children who appear to be developing normally. To organize this large amount of information, the milestones are listed under the appropriate domain (see above).
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Unformatted text preview: Developmental Delay: Used to indicate that a child is not demonstrated the expected behavior for their age. Or, we could say they are not meeting the milestone. Standard Deviation: A unit used to measure the amount by which a child's score differs from the average of all scores in the sample. Or, we could say, the amount by which the child's score differs from milestones determined to be "average" in each domain. A standard deviation can be used to measure whether a child is above average, average or below average....
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