HUSV 374 syllabus fall 2010-1

HUSV 374 syllabus fall 2010-1 - HUSV 374 Teaching...

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HUSV 374: Teaching Exceptional Children in Early Childhood Fall 2010 – Web Based – 2 credits Instructor: Junean Gourley Van Orden, Ed.D. Office: Science and Technology Park Campus, room 2211 Phone: 626-1702 leave message e-mail: [email protected] All emails must contain the course number in the subject line. Office hours: I check my email daily Monday – Friday and infrequently on the weekends. Please email me with questions, concerns, or to set up an in person appointment with me. Class Schedule: This class is web-based. It runs Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day. Completed assignments for the week must be posted by 11 pm, Sunday night. Drop boxes for assignments will open at 8 am on Monday and close at 11 pm the following Sunday. This course begins on the first day of classes, August 23, 2010. . If any student fails to contact me prior to September 6, I will administratively drop that student from the course. Catalog Description: This course emphasizes the development of competencies required to teach exceptional students in the areas of language, reading, writing, math, study skills, and other content area learning. Emphasis will be placed on the development and implementation of individualized educational programs, the teaching- learning process, general principles of teachings and best instructional practices, and specific instructional methods that may be used with students with diverse learning needs. Emphasis will also include the professional and management responsibilities of teachers working with exceptional children. Course Description: This course will focus on the population of children with special needs from birth to age eight. The class will cover the laws that impact this population as well as current methods and technologies for addressing special needs. By examining the five domains of development and some of the disabilities associated with them, students will better be prepared to meet the diverse needs of this population of children with a wide range of needs. Required Textbook: Bowe, Frank C. (2007) Early Childhood Special Education Birth to Eight. (Fourth Edition). New York: Thomson Delmar Learning. ( Web Based Resources: Desire to Learn (D2L) The UA campus web resource IRIS: Other resources as needed. 1
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University Policies: 1. Cheating, plagiarism, or academic misbehavior will not be tolerated. Please refer to guidelines which may be found at: There are also policies against threatening behavior by students that may be viewed at: . 2. Any student who has, or thinks they may have disabilities that may interfere with their performance as a student in this class is encouraged for academic reasons to discuss them on a confidential basis with the instructor, the Center for Disability Related Resources, and/or the SALT Center for Learning Disabilities. Use of Student Work:
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HUSV 374 syllabus fall 2010-1 - HUSV 374 Teaching...

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