HUSV 374 topics fall 2010-2

HUSV 374 topics fall 2010-2 - HUSV 374: Sequence of Course...

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Sequence of Course Topics and Assignments Fall 2010 Week of Topic/s and Assignments Points & comments 8/23 Week 1 The assignments for this first week are found in the document: Week 1: Getting Started. This will be emailed to all students registered in this class or emailing me that they have done so. In addition it can be found in the D2L content for this course. (Remember Quiz 1 is due by 11 pm, Sunday, August 29.) 8/30 Week 2 There are two objectives for this exercise. First, you will learn about three online resources. You will find these helpful for this class but definitely bookmark them for your future use. Second, you will be able to 1. understand and explain the terms: developmental milestone and developmental delay. 2. explain how early childhood special education children are included in the IDEA categories. Note: I have given you the home page links so you can see the vast amount of resources available as you work through the links to specific information. Both links can also be found on the toolbar under “Links”. Websites: 1. Center for Disease Control: http:// Click on “free materials” in far left column, then click “Download Materials”. Click on Growth Chart and take some time to look at this. Then click on Developmental Screening. In Developmental Screening, go down to “Childcare Providers” and click on “Milestones Checklists”. These will give you an idea of how a developmental delay is determined. 2. Arizona State Department of Education: http:// In the left column click on Special Education then go to Parent Information. Click on Clearinghouse Resources and go to Disability Related. Two resources here, DR2 and DR10 will help you understand how the state defines a developmental delay. (Developmental Delay and Preschool Severe Delays are terms that will help here.) 3. National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities I suggest you get into this site and do some exploring. It has a tremendous amount of useful information. Quiz #2: Due by 11 pm, Sunday, September 5. This quiz will focus on the two objectives listed above. You should know and understand the state requirements for determining a developmental delay. Discussion #1 : Please introduce yourself to your classmates. Respond to at least one other person’s introduction. . 1
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HUSV 374 topics fall 2010-2 - HUSV 374: Sequence of Course...

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