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Self introduction 2 credit class

Self introduction 2 credit class - Hi my name is Junean...

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Hi, my name is Junean Gourley Van Orden (my married name is Van Orden just in case you find the two names confusing. I am not hyphenating my name and use Gourley professionally.) This is an introduction so you know something about me. This is my fourth year teaching at UA-South after moving here from Providence, Rhode Island to be with my husband. In Rhode Island I taught in the merged special education/elementary education teacher preparation program at Providence College for 14 years where I was a tenured, full professor. Prior to getting my doctorate and moving to Rhode Island, I taught in the public schools in Reno, Nevada for 15 years and at the University of Nevada – Reno for 2 years. My teaching experiences in the public schools included teaching children with learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, and multiple disabilities including mental retardation. These experiences were at all grade levels up to and including post high school age groups. I also taught 2 nd and 3 rd grade gifted children,
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