Accounting Law 1 and 2

Accounting Law 1 - ❋ Unit Appendices with questions on all features& “Focus on Ethics” sections ❈ Test Bank 1 is also available on

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Highlights Highlights of Test Bank 1 Test Bank 1 Test Bank 1   contains more than  2,300  questions Each Chapter of  Test Bank 1  includes— True-False   Questions and Multiple-Choice   Questions,   including  Essay  Questions Answers  to all questions References  to the specific pages of the text that discuss the law relating to the  An   Annotation System  that lets you know when the question is:  new (N),  revised from the last edition (+), or the same as in the last edition (=).
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Unformatted text preview: ❋ Unit Appendices with questions on all features & “Focus on Ethics” sections ❈ Test Bank 1 is also available on ExamView® Pro , the acclaimed computerized testing system . W ith ExamView® Pro , instructors can— ❋ Set up the Page Layout for tests ❋ Add or Edit questions & answers and Select questions at random or by number ❋ View summaries of the test or Test Bank 1 chapters ❋ Print tests in a variety of formats...
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