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Thought Projects_1 - Thought Projects Due: Wed. October 14...

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Unformatted text preview: Thought Projects Due: Wed. October 14 th , in class General Instructions / Requirements: 1. You are required to pick one and only one of the possible projects below. 2. All Thought Projects require a 4-5 page written assignment. Some will be organized differently than others, so it is your job to ensure the paper has a clear organization. 3. All Thought Projects must include the following: a. You must cite (i.e. mention) at least 3 facts/pieces of evidence from our textbook, and b. You must cite (i.e. mention) at least 3 facts/pieces of evidence found from 3 different outside sources (i.e. 3 sources that are not the textbook). i. Acceptable outside sources include: 1. Research Articles from scholarly journals 2. Newspaper or Popular Science articles (like from the New York Times Science section, or Popular Science, or Psychology Today, or Time Magazine) 3. Textbooks or other academic books 4. Science-based blogs, podcasts and other online research- based sites ii. Unacceptable sources include: 1. Non research-based websites 2. Wikipedia (use it as a starting point, but track the info back to the original source) 3. 4. All Thought Projects must be typed, double-spaced, using 11 pt. or 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins, printed, and handed in by hard copy (no emails please). 5. All Thought Projects must include an additional Reference Page in which you provide a citation (i.e. tell me where you found) any and all outside sources using APA format (see blackboard for a guide to APA citation format). a. It will be highly informative to include other peoples thoughts/ideas/evidence in your Thought Project, but be sure that you give them credit for it otherwise its Plagarism! 6. You are allowed and encouraged to be creative with these and to give your own opinions, but as much as possible please support those opinions with empirical evidence! Good Places to go for Outside Sources: A. Google Scholar B. PsycINFO on the library website view=databases Thought Project 1: Writing a Brief Parenting Manual Write a parenting guide that makes at least 5 recommendations for things parents should or should not do to obtain desirable outcomes for their children. The first part of your job is to decide what is or is not a desirable outcome for a developing child, and then the second part of your job is to use research to argue for the best way to attain such an outcome. These recommendations can apply to multiple developing age groups or can focus specifically on one age group (i.e. infants or adolescents). This is not meant to be a complete and comprehensive list; instead, it should focus on what you think are some of the most valuable outcomes a parent can help to facilitate. It is OK to write in a list-like fashion, but be sure to write an introductory paragraph and a conclusion paragraph to frame your 5 recommendations....
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Thought Projects_1 - Thought Projects Due: Wed. October 14...

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