Whataboutpsychologicaltraits whatdogeneticistsdo

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Unformatted text preview: genetic recombination? Which chromosomes are passed on intact? What is a phenotype? Can we alter traits we inherited? What about psychological traits? What do geneticists do? Genetics – main ideas 0. Examples of Single­Gene (Mendelian) Behavioral Traits 1. Polygenic Characteristics Genetics quiz Where is your DNA? 0. only in your gonads 1. in all your cells 2. only in your blood Who has the exact same DNA as you do? 3. all human beings 4. your children 5. only you What is a gene? 6. the basic unit of hereditary information 7. a cell in the human body that causes disease 8. a protein found in the human body What is a genome? 9. the part of a cell that makes proteins 10. an organism's complete set of hereditary information 11. all the cells in an organism Genetics quiz What's the relationship between genes and chromosomes? 12. Genes are found in every cell; chromosomes are found only in sex cells. 13. Chromosomes determine gender; genes determine other cellular functions. 14. Chromosomes are...
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