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Itdepends geneticsquiz

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Unformatted text preview: compact storage units for genes. How much of your DNA is needed in order to conduct a genetic test? 15. a single cell 16. a teaspoon 17. a tissue sample If you have a gene for a disease, will you get that disease? 18. yes 19. only if both your parents have the gene 20. it depends Genetics quiz What is the link between genes and complex social behaviors such as shyness or intelligence? 21. Behavior can represent a complex link between genes and environment. 22. Genes determine specific behaviors in every individual. 23. Genes have no influence on behavior, only on physical traits. 0. 11. Artificial breeding enables selecting and breeding desirable traits. E.g. 12.All behavior depends on psychical structures which are built of proteins whose production depends on genes 0. TIME LINE OF EVOLUTION 1. Each dot represents 1 million years. The 3500 dots on this page represent the 3.5 billion 2. years since the first forms of life appeared on earth. 3. A...........................................
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