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Psychology 1.1 Psychology 1.1 Human Development Human Development Joanna Serafin Fall 2008 “Innate drives and tendencies, operating in a responsive social environment, enable the person to develop as one who can survive and thrive in the culture into which he or she is born” -Peter Gray Outline Development of thought and language 0. How infants learn about the physical world 1. 2. Children’s understanding of minds 3. Children’s early language abilities Social development in infancy How infants learn about the physical world How infants learn about the physical world 0. Infants are born with a full set of sensory abilities, vision is immature 1. They respond selectively to stimuli, which is well designed for learning 2. How do we study infants? Habituation studies 3. Within a few weeks of life infants prefer aspects of environment they can 0. From learning through mouth to examining. 1. Infants are not taught to examine, they do so in every culture (!Kung San hunter-gatherers in Botswana) 0. Infants learn through social cues 0. Mimicking 1. Joint visual attention 2. Social referencing 0. How early do we know about the core physical properties? Nativist vs. empiricists debate revisited 1. Selective looking vs. search tasks
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0. Violation-of-expectancy experiment (Baillargeon, 1987) 1. Based on search tasks children show less knowledge about physical principles: e.g. Piaget’s simple- and changed-hiding-place problems show infants lack object permanence knowledge Why? 1. 2. Piaget: Children’s action on the physical world fuel their cognitive development Vygotsky: Sociocultural theory: interactions with others guide children’s development
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StudentsFall08_Psy1.1_Notes_Human Development - Psychology...

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