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Midterm Review 1. Research design 2. Theory of language development 3. Temperament 4. A view of behavior (Heredity vs. Environment) 5. Principles of growth 6. Heredity concept 7. Research design 8. Gender Theory 9. Theories of Emotion 10. Gibson and Walk study explanation 11. Benson and Uzgiris study explanation 12. Freud and Erikson comparison 13. Genetic disorder treatment 14. Intermodal matching 15. Components of Language 16. Piaget Theory 17. Philosophy/History and theory 18. Face preference 19. Prematurity issues 20. Neural growth 21. History of child psychology 22. Brown study of language development
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Unformatted text preview: 23. Heredity definition 24. Brain plasticity 25. Identify theory 26. Reflexes 27. Prematurity issues 28. Views of behavior (Heredity vs. Environment) 29. Lobes of the brain 30. Prenatal brain development 31. Research design 32. Theoretical model 33. Attachment theory 34. Neural transmission 35. Criticisms of theories of language development 36. Gender differences 37. Themes of child development 38. Brain functions 39. Gender definition 40. Bandura theory Extra Credit: Match specific developmental concepts with theoretical framework...
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