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SG_Steinberg_Origins - 9.What was the Dawes Act PEOPLE...

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PEOPLE, POWER AND POLITICS – STUDY GUIDE The Ignominious Origins of Ethnic Pluralism in America, Steven Steinberg 1.How was European colonization of America different from Asia and Africa? 2.What is the thesis of the article? 3.When the colonies gained their independence from Britain, what was the dominant language, national origin and religion of the population? 4.What was the major method of supplying labor to America in the 18th century? 5.What was the major justification used for taking away Indian lands during the colonial period? 6.Describe the transformation of the ideological characterization of the Indian that set the stage for exterminating them. 7.What was the Indian Removal Act of 1830? 8.What was the Trail of Tears?
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Unformatted text preview: 9.What was the Dawes Act? PEOPLE, POWER AND POLITICS – STUDY GUIDE 10.How did the United States get Mexican lands? 11.Why was the invention of the cotton gin in the late 18th century so important? 12.What was the justifying ideology for slavery? 13.What were the main reasons for the mass immigration from Europe? 14.Why was the steamship so important for immigration? 15.Where did most of the 8 million immigrants who cam to America between 1840 and 1880 come from? 1880_1930? 16.What was the critical role that immigrant labor played in the development of American capitalism? 17.The labor of immigrants and racial minorities were relegated to different economic sectors. What were they?...
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