SG_To_Market.Zia - stores? 5.According to Zia, what was the...

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Study Guide To Market, To Market, New York Style (2000) Helen Zia 1.Zia begins her essay by recounting her own personal experiences growing up as a Chinese American in the New York area. She ends her personal recollections by stating, “Do I dispense this advise to my inquirers, don’t waste the rice.” What does she mean? What does she mean to convey to her readers by recounting this story? 2.How did the demographic make-up of New York City change during the last two decades of the twentieth century? What impact did these changes have on race relations in the city? 3.Zia recounts that during the late 1980s and early 1990s, black community leaders in New York organized a number of boycotts of Korean-owned stores. Explain the economic, political, and cultural factors that contributed to the antagonism between the city’s black and Korean community during these years. 4.How did the Korean merchants finance the purchase of their grocery
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Unformatted text preview: stores? 5.According to Zia, what was the connection between the purchase of Rockefeller Center by a Japanese company and the boycott of Korean-American grocery stores? 6.Zia argues that as black Korean tensions in New York mounted, many Koreans began to feel that they were being used as racial cannon fodder in a black conflict. What does she mean? Do you agree? Why or why not? 7.How did non Korean Asian Americans respond to the Red Apple boycott? Why? 8.What efforts were made to ease tensions within the black and Korean American communities of New York? Did these efforts address thee economic, political, and cultural causes of the conflict? 9.How was the Red Apple boycott brought to a conclusion? 10.According to Zia, how did the boycott contribute to David Dinkins failure to win reelection in 1993?...
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SG_To_Market.Zia - stores? 5.According to Zia, what was the...

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