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SG_Goldman_Suffrage - Is she correct 6.What is Goldman’s...

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Woman Suffrage (1917) Emma Goldman 1.How, according to Goldman, is woman’s suffrage a “fetish”? 2.What, according to Goldman, are the limitations of suffrage? 3.What role, according to Goldman, do women play in their own oppression? 4.What is Goldman’s response to the claim that women will “purify” politics? 5.What does Goldman mean by her statement that “women’s greatest misfortune has been that she was looked upon as either “angel or devil” and that “her true salvation lies in being placed on earth?
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Unformatted text preview: Is she correct? 6.What is Goldman’s critique of politics? How do her comments compare with those of Marx and Tocqueville? What about Sumner? 7.How does Goldman interweave the themes of class and gender? What does her analysis of the relationship between class and gender contribute to, on the one hand, the theories of Marx and on the other hand, the theories of Stanton? 8.What does Goldman find inspiring about the Russian Revolution? 9.How does Goldman’s version of freedom compare with that of James Madison?...
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