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A Red Record Study Guide Ida B. Wells 1.Wells claims that under slavery it was in the interests of whites “to dwarf the soul and preserve the body” of blacks, but that after slavery, the vested interests of the white man in the Negro’s body were lost.” What does she mean by this claim? How does it compare with Tocqueville’s distinction between traditional and modern tyranny? 2.Wells claims that whites have offered three excuses for the murder of and violence against blacks. What are they? How do these excuses plot historical changes in the South? 3.Why does Wells focus so much on the role of white men in her account of
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Unformatted text preview: lynching? What are the links she tries to establish between race, gender, and sexuality? 4.How does Wells answer the claim that white men are inspired by chivalry and a concern for white women? How does her response compare with what Tocqueville wrote about the concern of men for women in the United Sates? 5.How does Well’s account of racial violence compare with that of W.E.B. DuBois? 6.From your perspective, are the sexualized racial fears that Wells describes here still prevalent today? Explain....
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