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Geology Quiz 1 Short Answer-Choose 5 out of 6 (10pts each) 1) The two most common elements in the earth’s crust by weight are: A) Oxygen and Silicon B) Oxygen and Iron C) Oxygen and Aluminum D) Silicon and Aluminum E) none of the above 2) The silicate structure in which each silicon tetrahedron shares 3 oxygens with other silicon tetrahedrons is: A) paired structure B) single chain structure C) double chain structure D) sheet structure E) 3 d network structure 3) The relative scratchability of a mineral is called________________.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) The mineral group sulfates are grouped together based a similar chemical component of: A) SO 4 B) S C) SiO D) CO 3 E) none of the above 5) A mineral has a random arrangement of atoms. T/F 6) The atomic number is related to the number of protons an element has. T/F Short Essay-CHOOSE 1 OUT OF 2 Use the back of the paper of necessary. (50pts each) 7) Explain the difference between ionic and covalent bonding. Give one example of each. . 8) Completely explain scientific method including a specific example....
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