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Rough Outline for Midterm Exam Scientific Method Structure of atom o Proton, neutron, electron, atomic number, atomic mass, valence electrons, isotope Bonding o Covalent vs ionic Minerals o Definition, physical properties, polymorphs, solid solution, classification (groups especially silicates), Silicate structures, solid solution series Igneous rocks o Mafic vs felsic, cooling rate, plutons (dike, laccolith , batholith, sill), extrusive vs intrusive, classification, bowen’s reaction series, classification Volcanics o Types of volcano (shield, composite, cinder cone), pyroclastic material, nuee ardente, lahar, ash fall, hazards, phreatic eruptions, secondary effects,
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Unformatted text preview: precursors Sedimentary rocks o Conditions of formation, classification (detrital, chemical-inorganic and biochemical), grain size, sorting, bedding features, angularity, fossils Metamorphic Rocks o Conditions of formation (heat and pressure), classification, foliation, contact vs regional, common reactions (decarbonization and dehydration) Composition of the earth o Crust, mantle, inner core, outer core, lithosphere, asthenosphere, transition zone, s and p seismic waves, evidence for heterogeneous composition (seismic waves, meteorites, density, ophiolites, xeonoliths, magnetic field)...
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