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Quiz 2 Short Answer-Choose 5 out of 6 (10pts each) 1) An igneous rock with a phaneritic (coarse) texture was most likely extrusive. T/F 2) Mud size particles compose the sedimentary rock called____________________ 3) Coarse grained sedimentary rocks most likely formed in a low energy environment of deposition. T/F 4) Mafic igneous rocks are generally dark in color and relatively rich in iron and magnesium. T/F 5) Felsic magmas have a tendency to be more fluid (flow more easily). T/F
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Unformatted text preview: 6) A felsic, mushroom shaped, concordant igneous intrusion is called: A) batholith B) laccolith C) Sill D) Dike E) none of the above Short Essay-CHOOSE 1 OUT OF 2 Use the back of the paper of necessary. (50pts each) 7) Completely explain the process of lithification 8) Completely explain Bowen’s reaction series including its importance to geology....
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