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Quiz 4 - d is not very abundant e none of the above 4...

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Quiz 4 Short answer (10pts each) Choose the best answer. 1) A fault in which the footwall moves up relative to the hanging wall is considered a: a) normal fault b) reverse fault c) thrust fault d) ptygmatic fault e) none of the above 2) A fold where the layers are positioned concave up is called_________________. 3) An organism would most likely be preserved if it: a) has hard parts (hard skeleton) b) has no hard parts c) lives outside of a basin
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Unformatted text preview: d) is not very abundant e) none of the above 4) Folding is a type of brittle response rocks undergo when stress is applied . T/F 5) An index fossil must have a wide geographic range. T/F Short Essay (25pts each ) 6) Completely define and explain the difference between an angular unconformity, nonconformity and disconformity. 7) Explain three reasons geologists study fossils (value of fossils)....
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