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Chapter Readings

Chapter Readings - EDUC 500 Educational Psychology A...

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EDUC 500 Educational Psychology: A Foundation... Readings Readings for Chapter 1 Beaver, R. (1996). Educational psychology casework a practice guide . London: J. Kingsley Publishers. Benbow, C. P., Lubinski, D. J., & Stanley, J. C. (1996). Intellectual talent psychometric and social issues . Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. Berliner, D. C. & Calfee, R. C. (1996). Handbook of educational psychology . New York: Macmillan Library Reference USA, Simon & Schuster Macmillan. Biehler, R. F. & Snowman, J. (1997). Psychology applied to teaching . (8th ed ed.) Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. Bissell, J. S. & Newhoff, S. N. (1997). Guide to the Internet in educational psychology . (2nd ed.) Madison, WI: Brown & Benchmark Publishers. Bracher, M. (1999). The writing cure psychoanalysis, composition, and the aims of education . Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press. Bruner, J. S. (1996). The culture of education . Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press. Byrnes, J. P. (2001). Cognitive development and learning in instructional contexts . (2nd ed.) Boston: Allyn and Bacon. Child, D. (1997). Psychology and the teacher . (6th ed ed.) London: Cassell. Child, D. & Shorrocks-Taylor, D. (1998). Directions in educational psychology . London: Whurr Publishers. Cronbach, L. J., Snow, R. E., & Wiley, D. E. (1991). Improving inquiry in social science a volume in honor of Lee J. Cronbach . Hillsdale, N.J: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Dominowski, R. L. (2002). Teaching undergraduates . Mahwah, NJ: L. Erlbaum Associates. Driver, R. & Driver, R. (1996). Young people's images of science . Buckingham: Open University Press. Eggen, P. D. & Kauchak, D. P. (1992). Educational psychology classroom connections . New York: Merrill. Eisenhart, M. A. & Borko, H. (1993). Designing classroom research themes, issues, and struggles . Boston: Allyn and Bacon. Fischer, C. S. (1996). Inequality by design cracking the bell curve myth . Princeton, NJ: Princton University Press. Fraser, S. (1995). The bell curve wars race, intelligence, and the future of America . New York: BasicBooks. Freeman, J., Span, P., & Wagner, H. (1995). Actualizing talent a lifelong challenge . London: Cassell. Chapter Readings Page 1 of 34
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EDUC 500 Fuller, R., Walsh, P. N., McGinley, P., European Federation of Professional Psychologists' Associations, & Psychological Society of Ireland (1997) . A century of psychology progress, paradigms, and prospects for the new millennium. London: Routledge. Good, T. L., Brophy, J. E., & Good, T. L. (1995). Contemporary educational psychology . (5th ed.) White Plains, N.Y: Longman. Herrnstein, R. J. & Murray, C. A. (1996). The bell curve intelligence and class structure in American life . (1st Free Press pbk. ed ed.) New York: Simon & Schuster. Jones, R. A. (1995). The child-school interface environment and behaviour . London: Cassell. Kincheloe, J. L., Steinberg, S. R., & Villaverde, L. E. (1999). Rethinking intelligence confronting psychological assumptions about teaching and learning . New York: Routledge. Kozulin, A. (1998). Psychological tools a sociocultural approach to education . Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press.
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Chapter Readings - EDUC 500 Educational Psychology A...

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