Syllabus - PRAXIS: THE CHURCH IN MISSION CMIN 305 - 3 Hours...

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PRAXIS: THE CHURCH IN MISSION CMIN 305 - 3 Hours Credit FALL 2007 – Section 1 TR 10:30-11:45 – BA 307 Section 2 TR 2:00 - 3:15 – BA 306 Dr. Ron Dalton Prof. of Practical Theology Office: Burke 234 - Phone 939-5262 COURSE DESCRIPTION: “ A study of the mission and ministry of the Church. The study will concern itself with both the global and particular (congregational) mission and concern of the church and how that mission is to be lived out (practical theology). The emphasis will be on the health and faithfulness of the congregation. An introduction to contemporary Church research, methodologies, and methods are also to be included, especially emphasizing the church’s task of evangelism.” OBJECTIVES: 1. Acquaint the student with Ecclesiology and the various ways a local congregation may adapt its own sensus fidelium . 2. Help the student to understand how ordained ministry should be grounded in ecclesiology. 3. Describe and examine the varieties of ecclesial praxis. 4. Assist the student in gaining an introductory understanding of the history and descriptive function of the modern Church Growth movement. 5. To identify various ministerial modalities which constitute faithfulness both for the church’s mission and the minister’s vocation. 6. Examine the varieties (past and present) of evangelism. 7. Understand the place and function of revivals in the life of the congregation. 8. Understand the congregation as a system and explore how Systems Analysis assists leaders to promote the health of the congregation. 9. Examine the dynamics of ecclesial life as they relate to church renewal.
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Syllabus - PRAXIS: THE CHURCH IN MISSION CMIN 305 - 3 Hours...

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