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Unformatted text preview: -------------------------------------------------------------------Mon.,Grammar: WR, Ch. 12, pp. 233-242, Practice 1-6May 10 Reading: Stanton, “You Should Have Been a Boy!” (posted document)HW:with Vocabulary and Writing AssignmentsReading: Cisneros, “Only Daughter,” WR, pp. 428-433HW:with Vocabulary Exs. and Discussion Q. 2, p. 432Wed.,*In-class writing, Essay 3May 12 Grammar:WR, Ch. 12, pp. 242-246, Practice 7-8, Review Ex. 1Fri.,Grammar:WR, Ch. 12, Review Ex. 2 QUIZ, Run-OnsMay 14 Reading:Zinn, from A People’s History of the United States(posted document)Vocabulary: fragmentation, submission, picket line, servility, alliance, monopolist, tenant farmer, indebtednessWriting Assignment: What were the main problems that the new immigrant workers faced, according to Zinn? How did they try to solve these problems? (1¶, 5 pts.) What were the main problems that farmers faced, and how did they try to solve their problems? (1¶, 5 pts) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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