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Unformatted text preview: 2008 Mock exam Blue exam Page 1 of 16 Print Last Name: Print First Name: ID Number: COURSE FINANCE NUMBER COMM 308/2 SECTION All sections EXAMINATION Final Exam VERSION BLUE DATE DECEMBER 8, 2008 TIME 3 hours # OF PAGES 16 including cover INSTRUCTOR: DIVISION John Molson School of Business Concordia University SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS - You are writing Version BLUE of the test. Please ensure that you have a BLUE computer answer sheet. Your exam consists of two types of questions: Multiple Choice Questions and Problems. - Multiple Choice Questions: - All your answers must be recorded IN PENCIL on the BLUE computer answer sheet by darkening the appropriate letter corresponding to your choice. Only letters A, B, C, D and E should be used. DARKENING ANY OTHER LETTER WILL RESULT IN AN INCORRECT RESPONSE BEING RECORDED FOR THAT QUESTION. - Problems: - All your answers must be recorded on the exam sheets. Part marks will be awarded. Write clearly and only in the space provided. - Cell phones must be turned off, programmable calculators and PDAs are not allowed during the final exam - This exam contains 16 pages including cover. Formula sheets (3) are separate. Please ensure that there are no pages missing. - Fill in your name and other required information IN PENCIL on the Computer Answer sheet as well as on this cover sheet. - There is no negative marking on the multiple choice questions. Mark only one answer on the computer answer sheet. Blank questions or those with multiple answers will not receive credit. - Small differences may exist due to rounding. To minimize this problem, try to round only at the end of multiple-step calculations. - A minimum of 40% on this exam is required to pass this course. - Allocate your time efficiently. Multiple Choice Questions: Answer on Computer Answer Sheet Mock exam Blue exam Page 2 of 16 Part I: Multiple Choice Questions (25 Questions, 70 Points Total): - This part consists of 10 concept questions and 15 calculation problems. - Each concept question counts 2.5 points for a total of 25 points and each calculation problem counts 3 points for a total of 45 points. - Only answers on the computer answer sheet will be graded. - Use a pencil to mark your answers. - Select only one answer per question, blank or multiple answers will not receive credit. - You are encouraged to also circle your answer on the exam sheet as a back up. A. Concept Questions (10 Questions, 2.5 Points Each) Question 1) Sole proprietorships are characterized by: a) Can be traded on a public stock exchange b) The proprietorship life is limited to the business owner’s life c) All business taxes are paid as individual tax d) (a) and (c) are true e) (b) and (c) are true Question 2) You discover that the engine-oil additive your scientists developed three years ago makes a great men's after shave when diluted properly using certain chemicals. How should you treat the original $125,000 of R&D expenditures that went into developing the engine-oil additive in your present capital budgeting...
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This note was uploaded on 10/16/2010 for the course COMM Comm 308 taught by Professor Ravimateti during the Fall '09 term at Concordia Canada.

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Mock Final Exam 2008 - 2008 Mock exam Blue exam Page 1 of...

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