Final Exam Review - ACCO320FinalExam

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Time: Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 19:00 to 22:00. Location: as per the notice from the Exam Office YOU MUST BRING A PICTURE ID. Bring a calculator (NO CELL PHONE ALLOWED), pens, #2 pencils for MCQs bubbling, and an eraser. You will be provided with necessary present value tables. You will have three hours. Time INCLUDES bubbling time on the electronic form for MCQs. Problem solving: show all work and clearly present your answers. Start with whichever part you are most comfortable with. Be sure to indicate the problem number clearly. ACCO 320 Final Exam 1 Part Marks Estimated Time Part 1. Multiple Choice 40 (2 x 20) 72 Minutes Part 2. Pensions 15 27 Minutes Part 3. Income Taxes 15 27 Minutes Part 4. Leases 15 27 Minutes Part 5. Cash Flow Statement 15 27 Minutes Total 100 180 Minutes (3 Hours) ACCO 320 Final Exam Overview 2
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Chapter No. of MCQs 13. Current Liabilities 1 term Liabilities 3 15. Shareholders’ Equity 2 17. Earnings per Share 2
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Final Exam Review - ACCO320FinalExam

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