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Unformatted text preview: Name: Measurement COMS 309 David Weiss Spring, 2010 [email protected] Name: Exercise 3: Measuring Product Lines •  IdenGfy two goals of soKware product line engineering •  For each goal that you idenGfied, propose three quesGons that help gauge progress towards the goal •  For each quesGon that you proposed, define one measure that helps answer the quesGon •  For each measure, sketch or tabulate results that you might expect to get, i.e., the expected ourtcomes COMS 309 Weiss Fall 2010 Exercise 3 2 Name: COMS 309 Weiss Fall 2010 Exercise 3 3 Name: Expected Outcomes COMS 309 Weiss Fall 2010 Exercise 3 4 ...
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