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Unformatted text preview: Teams & Guidelines COMS 309 David Weiss Fall, 2010 [email protected] Team 56 COMS 309 Weiss Fall 2010 Team Guidelines 2 [email protected] •  Learn methods for, advantages of, and diffi[email protected] of working in a team, similar to industry experience •  Understand why soPware development [email protected] establish and aRempt to follow well ­defined soPware lifecycle processes. •  Produce a working [email protected] COMS 309 Weiss Fall 2010 Team Guidelines 3 Project Roles Role ! Number of team members taking on the role! 1 Artifacts for which the role is responsible ! Commonality/variability analysis, decision model, use cases, preliminary screenshots Module, uses, process structures, interface specifications Module implementation Module tests, System generation and verification plan, test results report Economic model, project plan, project measures, retrospective report, optional poster Systems Engineer Architect 1 Developer Tester & Integrator >1 >1 Project Manager 1 COMS 309 Weiss Fall 2010 Team Guidelines 4 Teams •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Team 10:* Team 11: Synergy Team 12: The Cyroids Team 13: Magic Blue Smoke Team 14: Maverick a guy and a ginger* Team 15: Night Morning Team 16: Pipe Team 17: Codelicious* Team 18: Broken Lightbulb Team 19: Night Legends Team 20: Legacy * Has met with instructor to discuss project COMS 309 Weiss Fall 2010 Team Guidelines 5 Progress [email protected] •  Each team will give a progress report midway through the semester, and each team will demonstrate its product at the end of the semester. •  Each team will meet (at least) once with the instructor during the semester to discuss progress. •  Each team will hold a [email protected] at the end of the semester and produce a [email protected] report. •  Each team, at its [email protected], may create a poster describing the product and the team’s learnings as a result of developing the product. COMS 309 Weiss Fall 2010 Team Guidelines 6 Confi[email protected] Control •  Each team will use a subversion repository to manage its soPware development. – Subversion Repositories are on gala: – Svn:// •  NN is your team number, 10 ­20 •  Each team will use a modifi[email protected] report (MR) tracking system to manage and report on changes. COMS 309 Weiss Fall 2010 Team Guidelines 7 [email protected] Problems •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Team focuses on code, ignores docs Team focuses on docs, ignores code Team member is rude, inconsiderate Team member does not contribute to discussions Team member does not let others contribute Team member is late to [email protected] and early to leave Team member does not respond to emails/phones Team member fails to keep team informed of status Team member fails to aRend [email protected] Team member fails to check in [email protected] work (probably means NO work!). Team member turns in substandard work at the last minute Watch for red flags and act immediately. Worst case: Team requests to be dissolved –  NLT 30 September –  Requires instructor approval COMS 309 Weiss Fall 2010 Team Guidelines 8 ...
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