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SOLUTION PREPARATION Overview: Several solutions requiring different preparations are made with a surprising final result. Introduction: In almost all laboratory work, considerable time and effort goes into preparing the solutions used. Most often in Chemistry 123 this work is done by a stockroom worker before you come to lab. However, it is very likely that you will find yourself needing to prepare a solution to do lab work in the future. This will certainly be true of any chemistry or biology major. In fact, the psychology majors working in Dr. Pittman’s lab make very specific fatty acid solutions to feed their subjects (rats). Lab work will involve the preparation of four solutions. There are no procedures given for how to mix the solutions below. You will get practice preparing several solutions. Use the techniques discussed in lecture as you prepare these solutions. You may ask your teaching assistant or instructor questions about a proposed preparation, but do not expect them to answer your questions by telling you how much to mix. You will probably have your question answered with another question. You will discover whether or not you have prepared the solutions properly
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Solution_Preparation - SOLUTION PREPARATION Overview...

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