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Emerson on Thoreau

Emerson on Thoreau - EMERSON'S THOREAU OBITUARY With last...

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,EMERSON'S THOREAU OBITUARY With last month's observance of the, 11 Oth anniversary of Henry Thoreau's death, we believe it appropriate to bring to the attention of our readers Emerson's obituary to Thoreau which has been all but over- , looked in favor of the more famous address read at Thoreau's funeral. ":':This itern.vsiqned simply "E.•.•appeared originally in the Boston Daily Advertiser on May 8.1862 - just two days after Thoreau's death. In the anonymity of this obituary notice, his first posthumous evaluation of Thoreau's character and achievement. Emerson' speaks with an erntional directness lacking in the more measured praise of the public funeral address. Henry's sister Sophia. who had a mixed reaction to the bittersweet tone of the longer eulogy. was so satisfied with this Obituary notice that she clipped it from the Advertiser and pasted it into a memorial scrapbook she kept for Henry and his brother John.. ' , HENRY D. THOREAU ;.~~;::", Died at Concord. on Tuesday. 6 May. Henry D.'Thoreau, aged 44 ~yea~. , ' The premature death of Mr. Thoreau is a bitter disappointment to
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