chapter 2 - Kai Jones Hour 2-Waldron IBSL World History...

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Kai Jones Hour 2-Waldron IBSL World History 08-28-09 Chapter 2 Journal Part 1: Summary In Chapter 2, Origins of the New Century, we explore the ideas behind power, European dominance and the advancements of the human race as a whole. The years 1871 through 1914 were prosperous and crippling times for some of the areas of the world. In the year 1871, Prussia defeated France creating a single German nation. Also in the year 1871, Italy was unified. Thus further diving power and adding a new meaning to the phrase “Social Darwinism”. This concept includes the “survival of the fittest” or the idea that the strong survive and the entities in power deserve dominance. In the world of “Social Darwinism”, democracy was a threat to the pre- arranged political system. If everyone was a part of the government the outcome of the election would change, allowing the powerful to disintegrate. Imperialism or colonization also became an effective way to demonstrate this dominance. The Second Industrial Revolution brought about electricity, petroleum, and the capitalizing of advances in technology in powerful cities like Berlin. At the same time, in order to afford these luxuries, colonies like Dinshawai in Egypt, were conquered, stripped of their resources, and forced to deal with the deadly power clashes that were considered “costs of the game.” Yet, imperialism was marketed as an opportunity of growth for all. The economies would prosper, the “backwards peoples” would be converted on “civilizing missions”, and the empires would grow to be large and powerful. Part 2: Major Topics The year 1871 proved to be a significant time because of the change in balance of power in European dominance. In this year, Prussia defeated France joining the German states into one single nation. Around the same time, Italy was unified.
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chapter 2 - Kai Jones Hour 2-Waldron IBSL World History...

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