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Copyright © 2010 by L.M. Tilman & Co., Inc. All Rights Reserved. Page 1 of 2 E4729 Financial Institutions, Markets, and Risk Professor: Leo M. Tilman FINAL EXAM PREPARATION LIST Flows of funds Types of financial institutions and their functions (from notes) General understanding how balance sheets are related to capital markets Securities markets (from notes) Role of securities markets Primary markets, underwriting process Secondary markets, trading Major markets and security types Regulation Major acts (from notes) Insider trading (from notes) 2010 Regulatory Reforms: main aspects and implications (from notes) Trading mechanisms Types of orders (market, limit, etc.) Margin accounts, leverage, expected and realized returns Short selling, securities lending Discounting and compounding Option-free bonds and price/yield equation Price/yield formula, uniqueness of solutions, graphical representations Relationship between discount, yield and coupon & other bond rules Positive and negative convexity (non-callable vs. callable bonds)
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FINAL_EXAM_PREPARATION_LIST_-_2010_(2) - E4729 Financial...

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