Drama essay 5 - Yvette Ngo Drama 5 Some Things Are Private...

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Yvette Ngo Drama 5 “Some Things Are Private” When we study two different subjects such as art and science, our perspective about each subject changes in a different way. Science is factual where there is a clearly defined line between what is right an what is wrong; there are proven data to back up what is trying to be proved. A delicate subject like art comes with different views and opinions and unlike science, you can’t really say there is a right or wrong opinion. A person’s opinion about a piece of artwork cannot be claimed as a fact, yet it cannot be denounced invalid either. People from their own experiences and backgrounds have different opinions about art and that is why some may say the appreciated of art is in the eyes of the beholder. In the play “Some Things are Private” directed by Candice M. Andrews and written by Deborah Salem Smith, depicts the thoughts of Sally Mann, a famous photographer, who tries to defend her photographs of own nude children against those who declare it be obscene and pornographic. This play expresses the differences in opinions of different individuals with different views making art a very sensitive subject open to many interpretations. “Some things Are Private,” he director Candice M. Andrews utilizes the art work of a well known, yet controversial photographer to help the audience explore where the line is drawn between decency and obscenity. The play centered around a single parent by the name of Thomas Kramer who
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Drama essay 5 - Yvette Ngo Drama 5 Some Things Are Private...

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