Application#4 - 1. How will you use the material on...

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1. How will you use the material on conditioning to improve your own life? Your parenting of children? Managing of others? We can condition our self to have better habits such as working out every morning, not all conditioning needs to be like in the little Albert experiment. We need to make a significant change in our life and achieve whatever goals we set for our self we must condition our mind for success. The journey of success will be full excitement, achievement, happiness and satisfaction. It will also be full of pitfalls, obstacles, failures and challenges. And if we aren't able to handle the failures, we'll never reap the reward of the achievements. Learning how to handle failures, setbacks and challenges starts with how we approach everything in our life, especially the little things. Conditioning our mind for success means establishing new habits, and habits are formed with the little things we do every day. Achieving success in our own personal, professional or business life is the same. If we don't work on our mindset, our focus and our ability to keep positive every day, we won't be able to handle the difficult times when they come. It's easy to be focused, positive and keep moving forward when things are going to plan. The key is to be able to do the same when things are not going to plan. The wonderful thing about building a habit is that you only need to do it once, and the habit will continue for life. 2. What skills will you take from the material on communication to improve your own life? What do you see yourself doing well already? Explain. (Give at least three areas between the two questions.) Communication is a key factor to a happy and fulfilling life. The reason why most people have unsatisfactory results in their life is because they have poor communication skills. People get frustrated when they don't get what they want and often times don't realize it is because they did not communicate clearly, what it is they wanted. I think one of the reasons they ask is that communication skills are skills we use when we interact with people, and that there are so many different ways to interact that it’s difficult to define. My take on this is that when our interaction with others gives us the result we want, and it gives the other person the result they want, we used our interpersonal skills successfully. The thing is that we all have interpersonal skills. As we grow up and
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Application#4 - 1. How will you use the material on...

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