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Jane is pregnant. She and her husband, John, are very happy. They realize the importance of good nutrition at this time. What are the food that should be emphasized in her diet so that she will obtain adequate amounts of the nutrients. - Dark leafy greens- folic - Meat, muscle or organs: heam iron (most easily absorbed iron) - Dairy products - Grains- fortified with folate Does she need any supplements? If so , what - IRON, drink with source of vit C for absorption What are her energy needs at various stages of pregnancy - 1 st none - 2 nd - 300 - dairy- 300-400 What should be her weight gain? - 25-35lbs 16kg - 1lb/wk after 1 st trimester What would be some common complaints that she might experience and what are the dietary implications of theses - Nausea, constipation, heart burn Small meals. Lg snacks, more fiber Are there any substances she should avoid both before and during pregnancy?
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Unformatted text preview: -Raw foods, smoking, alcohol. Meds not prescribed, cat litter What advice would you give her about physical activity?-Easier labor, cautious about heat, no down sides to physical activity A new born infant had a sm head and distinct facial abnormalities.-FAS Preg admitted to the hospital of fetal arrhythmia. Her labs were normal. What would you ask her about her diet?-Excessive caffeine A preg women had Hb of 9gm/dl -Mother is anemic and fetus could be pre-mature and have a low birth weight. 16y, low income, 6 mo preg., underweight, Hb 9gm/dl. Nutritional care plan should be:-iron, folate, increase weight (more kcal) 3 rd trimester, overweight, BGL is over 200gm/dl-Dietetic diet at once Rural area woman admitted to ER…-PICA...
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HUEC 3012 CASE STUDIES - -Raw foods smoking alcohol Meds...

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