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LACTATION CASE STUDY!!! After giving birth to a healthy baby, Jane is ready to breast feed. What steps should she take to estab her milk supply? Early emaciation What would be the advan of breastfeeding? Immune factors, reduce obesity, bacteriological safe, bonding with the mother , lower risk of autoimmune disease and allergies, nutritionally superior Advan for mother? Weight loss, reduce risk of breast CA and ovarian CA, get to sit down and relax, uterus contracts and goes back to pre-preg size quicker.
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Unformatted text preview: How would she know if her milk output is adequate? Swallowing sounds, wet diapers, infant weight gain, sleeping well, alert when infant is awake List nutrients that will be important in maintaining lactation Energy (kcals), fluid What other factors or factor will be important in the success of lactation? Rest, fatigue, stress, adequate fluids and rest What options are available when Jane returns to work in 6 weeks? On site child care, pump milk, freeze milk...
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