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HUEC 4013 Food Drug Interactions Table case 5

HUEC 4013 Food Drug Interactions Table case 5 - migraine...

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Food-Drug Interactions Medication Function/treatment Take w/These Foods Foods to Avoid Diovan Reduce blood pressure Take in AM food or milk Prilosec GI discomfort Neurontin Mg supple seperatly caution alcohol furosemide dieuretic for HTN empty stomach limit alcohol Zocor angina none trazodone aspirin sodium bicarbonate heart burn control glucose balance CHO diet How to Take Medication licorice,caution Ca &/or  vit D suppl and K suppl  or salt sub. And  grapefruit, limit alcohol 30-60 minutes before  meal  acidic juice or apple  sauce and cool water alcohol and gingko or  SJW mood stabilizer and  neuropathy, hot flashes, 
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Unformatted text preview: migraine cholesterol lowering; recommended after heart attack grapefruit and/or related citrus, SJW and alcohol isosorbide mono (nitrate) depression (serotonin modulator) grapefruit and/or related citrus (see p 376) pain relief and/or blood thinner adequate fluid; increase foods with Vit C & Fol Products which affect coagulation (garlic, ginger, etc) avoid foods with high sodium, caution with high milk or Ca suppl intake NPH insulin/regular insulin Food-Drug Interactions Food-Drug Interactions...
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