Chapter 2 (Kinney) - Ch.2:AlcoholandItsCosts Who Drinks...

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Ch. 2: Alcohol and Its Costs Who Drinks What, When, and Where o Drinking in the US § Alcohol is a legally available drug § 65% of all Americans drink § A statistically average American’s annual consumption = 2.18 gallon o 30% from liquor o 14% from wine o 56% from beer § Decline in alcohol consumption since 1980’s o Liquor is less popular o Changes in the age distribution o Drinking Patterns § Statistically average American is a myth § Drinking patterns are variable o Gender § Women are less likely to drink o Age § Above age 25, people drink less § Ages 18-25 – highest % of heavy drinking § Younger people prefer beer, while the older prefer wine o Race § Whites § the highest rate of drinkers § 74% drink § § A large number of non-drinkers § 65% Hispanics and 60% African-Americans drink § Racial/ethnic groups’ % of non-drinkers § 48% Hispanic women § 54% African-American women § 43% African-American men § 33% Hispanic men o Marital status
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Chapter 2 (Kinney) - Ch.2:AlcoholandItsCosts Who Drinks...

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